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The name “fediverse” stands for “federated + universe”. It is a network of interconnected servers used for social media, blogging, file hosting, and other modern web activities…

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A symbol for the fediverse


Building blocks of the fediverse

joinfediverse template logo color logo project name main hex color Wikidata Socialhub Wikipedia EN link founding year founding dev account founder's name project fediverse account project page maintainers logo proof Matrix project room Git repo Patreon/Librapay/OpenCollective
GNU Social.svg GNU social
GNU Social.svg
GNU social logo.svg
GNU Social (sorta started as a fork) #A22430 Wikipedia/GNU social 2013 Matt Lee needs to be created Diogo Cordeiro

Hugo Sales, Eliseu Amaro

Friendica.svg Friendica
Friendica logo in SVG format
Friendica logo.svg Friendica #FEBF19 Wikipedia/Friendica 2010 Mike Macgirvin
Mastodon.svg Mastodon
Mastodon logo.svg Mastodon #6364FF Wikipedia/Mastodon 2016 Eugen Rochko Eugen Rochko
Pleroma.svg Pleroma
Pleroma logo.svg Pleroma #FBA457 needs creating 2016 Lain needs to be created ?
Pixelfed.svg Pixelfed
Pixelfed logo.svg Pixelfed #FF3090 Wikipedia/Pixelfed 2018 Daniel Supernault Daniel Supernault
PeerTube logo black.svg PeerTube
PeerTube logo.svg PeerTube #F67D00 Wikipedia/PeerTube 2018 Chocobozzz Chocobozzz
GoToSocial.svg GoToSocial
GoToSocial logo in black
upload GoToSocial DF8958 needs creating 2021 Tobi Smethurst GH/gotosocial logo black.svg
upload (proprietary) #FF8800 Wikipedia/ 2017 Manton Reece
Diaspora logo black.svg diaspora*
diaspora* #222222 Wikipedia/Diaspora 2010 Dan Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, Raphael Sofaer, Ilya Zhitomirskiy
Drupal logo black.svg Drupal
upload Drupal (plugin) #009CDE Wikipedia/Drupal 2001 Kristof De Jaege (founder of the AP plugin) Kristof De Jaege
Mobilizon logo black.svg Mobilizon
Mobilizon #FEA72B Wikipedia/Mobilizon 2018 Thomas Citharel

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About this page

The idea behind this symbol came out of discussions between many individuals about the need for a more flexible identity for the fediverse at large that could help promote this big chaotic place we are all creating together.